Three Things You Never New Were Possible

It is quite normal to understand that we fall into stereotype. Our brain naturally wants to work on auto mode, leveraging the power of the subconscious mind which is quite powerful. We sometimes find it difficult to give some other things a chance. The simple truth is, most normal and usual things today were once said to be either impossible or unrealistic. Navigation through cities used to be like swimming the water, you have got to have your eyes closed, new trends like this guide to living in Washington DC has now become the new trend in travelling and moving to new places. When cars came to limelight, it was a joke. This was a big challenge to the generation to whom the car idea was just an idea, to us it is beyond a reality. We at the moment would also have some stuffs that makes themselves difficult to be accepted or easily understood.


Ever wish the ground would swallow you up and spit you back out somewhere far away? Strangely enough, there is nothing in the laws of physics to stop that happening. In his 2008 book Physics of the Impossible, physicist Michio Kaku calls teleportation a “Class I Impossibility”, meaning that the technology is theoretically feasible, and could even exist within our lifetimes.

In fact, teleporters already exist: not for whole human beings, but for subatomic particles. Quantum entanglement, the phenomenon that Albert Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”, allows information and quantum states to be transmitted apparently instantaneously across space. The first quantum teleportation experiments, carried out in 1997, involved one photon’s quantum state being reconstructed in another photon tens of centimetres away.

Bamboo Bicycle

Bamboo is just another simple and light weight wood over there. Your exposure and experience with the fast growing wood, is that of weakness. I think everyone has that notion about it. Thinking it can support your weight and withstand the rigor a bike will naturally be subjected to. explains how you can know the best type of bamboo bike to go for. Information about Bamboo Bike can be found on the internet to guide you on how the bike works and how you can choose the best for your need. Bamboo bikes are very strong and they can be the best option for cycling on mountains, and even for kids. In recent times, people have traveled from one country to another, just on bamboo bikes. An article from shows how this can be a great adventure even in Washington DC. Most people go for DIY bamboo bikes, but they are not the best option for your need.  You need to think of safety before satisfaction


Perpetual motion machines

The idea of devices that can move and do other sorts of useful work with no external power has seduced some famous names over the centuries. Leonardo da Vinci worked on several designs involving spinning weights. Robert Boyle imagined a funnel that feeds itself. Blaise Pascal wisely abandoned the search and invented the roulette wheel instead.