Animal Petting Zoos: Smart Business Ideas You Can Start and Have Fun

Animals Petting zoos may include a wide array of pets. Usual selections include equines, ponies, sheep, goats, cows, donkeys, deer, alpacas, gigantic tortoises, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, as well as geese. One of the leaders in the petting zoo business,, gives clear insights on how to start the petting zoo business in Texas.

Lawful Considerations

Make sure to obtain any kind of licenses or authorizations needed by government, state, or local government firms. It is important to begin by researching needs with the Division of Farming, neighborhood zoning boards, and regional licensing boards prior to laying out to develop a stroking zoo in any type of certain area.

The facilities for visitors should consist of a giving ins location, bathroom facility, risk-free paths for strolling in between displays, led or crushed rock parking areas, and sitting areas. Golf carts, trucks, trailers, and farm devices will certainly be essential to move animals as well as supplies. Bigger parks frequently provide train rides around the park.


A petting zoo or animal show location in Houston, typically calls for using 10 acres (or more) for correct planning. The more pets you intend to have, the even more space you will certainly need.

You need to additionally consider contributing tickets to charities or provide a discounted rate to big institution groups to produce patron website traffic.

It is vital that your service has a liability insurance policy to protect versus injury cases from park site visitors. Pets could be unforeseeable, and even the most accommodating animal can strike out when it feels threatened. Responsibility insurance will certainly protect you and also your park against legal actions.

The best locations to spend your marketing bucks will certainly be neighborhood newspapers and magazines. On-line advertisements also are a great means to obtain the word out regarding your organisation.

It is not needed to have a vet on website but you need to contract with a neighborhood veterinarian to provide care for your animals when required.


It is essential to market a stroking zoo to the target market: children as well as their parents. Schools, daycare, scouting groups, and various other such teams could also have an interest in taking their students on expedition to your area.


A stroking zoo must be securely enclosed with a network of fencings as well as entrances to avoid animal gets away. Locations that are off-limits to the public need to be clearly marked. Policies for visitor conduct and also safety ought to also be plainly uploaded on indications near each animal room.


Relying on the scale of your operation, you could need to employ additional full or part-time personnel to tidy up after the animals, provide food and water, offer tickets or concessions, operate the gift shop, do general park maintenance, as well as monitor guests as they connect with the pets.

Bigger animals will certainly should be separated from visitors behind fencings, and they will need close monitoring when communications happen. Some petting farms also showcase free trip aviaries (where exotic birds interact with visitors) and fish ponds with koi.

Another method to market is to produce a website with all the appropriate details concerning the petting zoo including hours, price, as well as any type of additional activities that might be readily available (such as birthday celebration parties on site or bringing animals to a client’s party place). A very good example is A newsletter or coupons must also create passion.

It is very important to give each animal time to adapt to their brand-new surroundings, as well as to make sure that the animals chosen for the zoo are sensibly well mannered as well as forgiving of the interest they will certainly be obtaining.

Expense of Admission

The expense of admission could differ based on the size of the stroking zoo as well as exactly what is supplied, however as a whole, the cost of day-to-day admission will certainly vary from $8 to $15 per person. There might be additional costs for animal feed, pony rides, train trips, or other activities. Discounts are frequently provided for days with less site visitor website traffic (like Mondays and also Tuesdays).

You need to locate your stroking zoo within practical driving distance from a city or large town to create adequate customer traffic. Extremely country stroking zoos will usually not create enough earnings to stay in organisation.

The facilities for the pets should consist of both screen locations (where animals can connect with visitors) and also areas that are limited from public access. It is additionally essential to have areas where you could quarantine any kind of unwell animals or those about to give birth. Appropriate color is one more essential function for both the animals as well as the clients of the zoo.